Art-ish Statement

My work has an outward perspective. Much art, and especially photography, is all about humans and our relationships to each other, as if humans are the only important things in the universe. I can’t buy that. I am more interested in the physical world outside the human form. Some of the interesting stuff is natural, and some is man-made, and may even be unnatural. I’m always looking for images, especially when I travel, and can see around me with fresh eyes. When I find …it, I get an indescribable, visceral reaction. I can’t call it a sense of beauty, because some of what attracts my eye is kind of horrible, but whatever it is, I crave it. I now recognize it as my personal aesthetic. It is generally not tied to any particular meaning or emotion in the human sphere, but I am compelled to try to capture and communicate it. Perhaps that makes it about human relationships after all, but what I am trying to say in images cannot be described verbally. I can only hope that my images will show you what my words cannot.